Arora-Matthey Limited (AML) -one of the
leading Manufacturers in Precious Metals and articles there of , was established in the year 1964 . Over a period of 4 decades, this
organisation has emerged as a reliable source for host of precious metal products, alloys and by-products.
AML deals with following precious metals PLATINUM, PALLADIUM, RHODIUM,

AML also deals with following products:
Platinum Fabricated products
Silver Fabricated Products
Precious Metal Chemicals
Process Catalysts of Precious Metals for Pharmaceuticals, Dyestuff and Chemicals.
Battery Products
New Products under Development
Platinum based API's
Marketing of Research Chemicals

The management, staff and workers of Arora Matthey are committed to give best on time every time. It is our passion to be the preferred choice of the customers for Precious Metal Products.

A variety of analytical techniques are available to our experts and analysts depending on the materials involved.

Quality Certification
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