Arora Matthey has considerable experience and expertise in the manufacture of catalysts and in catalyst technology. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular requirements and to provide catalyst recommendations to meet them either from existing range or if appropriate by developing customized product.

Platinum Group Metal catalysts are widely used in chemical process for reaction ranging from gas phased oxidation through selective hydrogenation of chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical feed stocks to fuel cells for power generation. All six of the Platinum group elements have significant catalytic properties although it is Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium and Ruthenium widely used.

AML manufactures both Heterogeneous and Homogeneous catalysts. The generally preferred powder supports are activated charcoal, alumina, calcium carbonate, barium sulphate, etc. AML also manufactures unsupported catalysts particularly where the support could cause side reactions or product retention by absorption. AML manufactures Rhodium/Platinum catalyst gauzes for ammonia oxidation plants alongwith the catchment technology for recovery of volatilized precious metals, Silver Crystals and Silver Gauzes for Formaldehyde plants and acetic acid plants. All unsupported catalysts are delivered after chemical activation by etching process to improve the activity.

AML has also introduced high performance Palladium catalyst with Palladium loading of 3wt%, which is 40% lower than current commercial 5% Palladium on carbon catalyst.

AML also manufactures a wide range of homogeneous catalysts inter-alia suitable for ligands, capable of forming bonds such as carbonyls, alkenes and organophosphines etc.

Click herefor typical list of popular Precious Metal Supported Catalysts.

AML also manufactures various Gas Purification catalysts to the growing requirements of very high purity gases in a wide variety of applications. Catalyst with precious metal loading of Platinum and Palladium of 0.3% and 0.5% with alumina spheres or tablet supports are available ex-stocks.

Process Catalyst
Process Catalyst

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