Every modern scientist in production, development or research, knows that Arora Matthey Limited can meet all his needs for precious metal chemicals.

In recent years the demand of Platinum group chemicals, manufactured by AML has progressively increased as established uses have grown and new applications have been developed.

Precious metal chemicals are employed in such diverse fields as metal coatings, manufacture of electronic components and preparation of process catalysts precursors, fuel cells and sensors, manufacture of API, laboratory reagents etc. Various chemicals of the Platinum Group Metals are manufactured by AML including the commonly used ones like-

  • Platinum Chloride, Platinum Oxide
  • Palladium Chloride, Palladium Acetate
  • Rhodium Nitrate, Rhodium Chloride
  • Iridium Chloride
  • Ruthenium Chloride, Ruthenium Red
  • Osmic Acid
  • Silver Nitrate, Silver Oxide
  • Gold Potassium Cyanide, Chloroauric acid

Conductive Silver Compounds are also available for application on Ceramic and Mica capacitors, resistor terminations, solar cells, plastic potentiometers micro bonding, etc

All chemicals are supplied in standard packing ranging form carboys to small phials for combining convenience and with security in transit.

In addition, AML also makes a variety ofPrecious Metal Compounds for Catalytic applications

Precious Metal
Precious Metal

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